Bits & Sockets Types


Flat-Head Screwdriver Bits

Some Bits Insert Directly Into The Chuck, But Most Need To Be Put In A Bit Holder, Which Is 

Then Inserted Into The Chuck. These Are Designed For Use with Slot-Headed Screws


Phillips Screwdriver Bits

Screws With a Phillips Head Must Be Driven by a Corresponding Bit.




Posidriv Screwdriver Bits

Like Phillips Bits, These Are Made To Drive A Particular Type Of Screw.


Square Drive Bits

These Bits Are Often Used For Driving Deck Screws.



Driver Bit Holders and Nut Driver

To Work As A Screwdriver, A Drill-Driver Needs An Attachment To Hold Bits In Place. It Is Also Possible To Insert Specialty Bits Into The Chuck. The Standard Holder (Bottom) Holds The Bit And In The Chuck. The Quick-Release Bit Holder (Middle) Has A Quick-Release Action Mechanism That Makes Changing The Bit Very Easy. The Nut Driver (Top) Is Used For Tightening Nuts Or Bolts

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