A Block Plane Is A Key To Versatility In Your Woodwork. You Can Flatten A Piece Of Wood, Add A Curve To It, Or Square Your Work. Shape or Chamfer Your Stock Using a Block Plane. Once You Have A Piece Dovetailed, You Can Smooth The Joint With Your Block Plane, Rather Than Spend Endless Time Sanding. Your Plane Can Ease The Edges Of A Piece, Taking The Sharpness Out Of It.

It Is Most Important To Make Sure The Blade Of The Block Plane Is Sharp. Use A Little Bit Of Oil On The Sharpening Stone And Hold The Bevel Flat Against The Stone. Raise The Heel A Little, And Hone It. It Will Form A Burr, But That’s OK. Just Turn The Blade Over And Rub It On The Stone On The Flat Side. It Will Remove The Burr. A Cap Screw Holds The Blade In
 Place, And This Is Where You Adjust The Depth Of Plane You Want To Cut.
If you’re Performing Fine Work, You’ll Measure the Blade At About 1/64”. For More General Work, You’ll go With As Much As 1/16”. Roll The Pressure From The Back Of The Plane To The Front As You Complete The Cut So That You Don’t End Up With Arching. If you’re going to Plane End Grain, Plain Both Ends toward the Middle to Keep from Tearing up the outside Edge.

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