A Bench Vise Is An Essential Instrument In Carpentry And Metalworking Applications. Bench Vises Of Different Types Can Be Attached Directly To A Workbench To Hold The Work Piece During Particular Activities, For Example, Sawing, Arranging, And Drilling.

This Device Is Versatile Whether You Are Working With Metal, Wood Or Any Other Materials. It Offers Stability You Need To Get The Job Done With So Much Creativity And Accuracy. Bench Vise Uses Are Numerous, And Amongst All The Features It Comes Equipped With Directly From The Company, Several Carpenters And Woodworkers Have Also Developed Their Own Special Way. So If You Want To Know All The Different Bench Vise Uses And More, Keep Reading.


Bench Vise Uses

This Device Comprising Of Two Parallel Jaws For Holding A Work Piece; One Of The Jaws Is Settled And The Other Portable By A Screw, A Lever, Or A Cam. It Is Used For Holding A Work Piece Amid Hand Tasks, For Example, Filing, Sawing, Gluing, Or Hammering, The Vise Can Be Forever Bolted To A Bench. There Are Various Types Namely;


1.       Engineer’s Vise (Metalworking)


2.       Woodworking


3.       Vacuum


4.       Clamp-On


5.       Pipe


6.       Machine

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Safety Measures to Abide By When Using A Vise

v  Do Not Repair A Vise By Brazing Or Welding

v   Do Not Apply Too Much Pressure At The Vise Jaw Corner

v   Do Not Weld Any Metal To The Base Of The Vise

v   Do Not Bend A Heavy Metal On A Light Vise

v   Do Not Cut Into The Jaws Of The Vise

v   Do Not Hammer The Handle To Tighten Beyond Hand Pressure

v   Never Take The Jaw Of The Vise To Be An Anvil

v   Discontinue The Use Of Any Vise That Has Cracks

v   Do Not Open The Vise Wider Than They Were Designed To Use.

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