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The Add Of Values Is Termed Addition. To Understand The Whole Values, One Got To Add 2 Or 3 Completely Different Values. For Example, After You Have Ten +5, You Simply Regroup Range|The Amount of The Quantity}S Per The Place Worth Of The Number

If The Amount Is Within The Ten’s Place, Then Place The Second Number’s Ten’s Worth Under It. Similarly, Try This For Lots Of, Thousand's Worth. Now Begin Adding The Terms From The Extreme Right And Carry Over The Additional Digit To The Future Column. Suppose You've Got To Feature. The Addition Formula Is Mentioned Below.

Sum Of 2 Ranges=First Range + Second Number

X And Y Area Unit 2 Given Range Then, The Add Z Is Given By

Z = X+Y

For A List Of Values Like A1, A2, A3,……….An A1, A2, A3, An.

The Formula Is A = A1 + A2+ A3 An

32 +16

Here On The Ten’s Place, We've = Three And One.

On The One’s Place, We Have A Pair Of And Six, Thus We Tend To Place Them Like This,

3 2 + 1 6 ——-4 8

Solved Examples

Question 1: Realize The Add Of Sixty-Seven And Fifteen.

Solution: Given : First Range = Sixty Seven, Second Range = Fifteen Add = 1st Range + Second Range 6 7 + 1 5 ——-8 2

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