Clamps Are Vital To The Success Of Any Woodworking Project. Most Woodworkers Agree That You Can’t Have Too Many Clamps. While They Can Get Expensive, You Don’t Want To Skimp In This Area. You’ll Need Clamps For 45 And 90-Degree Joints, And Pipe Clamps To Reach For Long Stretches. You Usually Purchase The Pipe Clamp Fixtures And Insert Your Own Pipe Into The Fixtures To Make A Really Strong Clamp To The Size You Need. C-Clamps And F Clamps Are Standard, But Now You Can Get K Camps, Too. The Great Thing About These Is That They Can Reach A Long Way Into Your Work Area

And Clamp Things In The Middle Of Your Workspace. Deep-Throated Bar Clamps And C Clamps Will Help With This.

You Can’t Get By Without A Selection Of Quick Grip Clamps In Various Sizes. These Are Available With Spreaders Of 12” Or More, All The Way Down To Micro-Mini Clamps For Toy Construction. An Edge Clamp Will Hold Laminate Trim Onto The Edge Of A Counter Or Table Top. A Strap Clamp Will Wrap Around Any Shape, And Pull The Joints Together. Spring Clamps Are Handy For Holding A Piece Steady. The Main Difference Between Quick Clamps And Spring Clamps Is That The Quick Clamps Slide Into Position With One Hand. When You Release Them, They Lock Into Place. Spring Clamps Are

Like Big Clothespins.

Hand Screw Clamps Are The Classic-Looking Wooden Clamps With The Awl Screws That You Turn From Both Sides To Get Equal Pressure. These Are Great For Applying A Lot Of Pressure On Tapered Or Sloped Pieces. Assembly Square Clamps Do Just What The Name Implies – They Help You Assemble Squares. You Can Also Get Bench Clamps And “Dogs,” As Well As Other Clamps And Vises That Attach To Your Workbench.

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