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When We Go To Buy Such A Refrigeration System, Then It Comes According To The Tones. This Ton Is Not The Same Ton. It Is A Ton Of Tons, Many People Become Confused, The Tonne Means The Weight 1 Ton Of Ac Will Be So 1000 kg So 

That Does Not Happen At All
Ton Means The Ton In The Refrigerators Or Cooling Systems Means That How Much Heat Can Absorb It Ton Full-Form Tonnage Tonnage Are The Short Form In The Ton Speak
It Is a Major By Energy unit (BTU) British Thermal Unit.

Now We Know About Ton of Cooling

1 Ton AC British System Consists Of 2000 Pounds
1 Ton = 2000 Pound

When The Ice Melts In 1 Pound In British System, It Absorbs 144 Btu So Much Heat According To This, If We Look, 1 Ton Of AC And 1 Ton Of Ice Is Observed In 24 Hours 288000 Btu.

2000*144=288000 BTU/Day  2 LACK 88 THOUSAND

According To This, We Look At 288000 Divided By 24 Hours And 12,000 BTU In That Hour That Heat Observes That Heat.

288000/24=12000 BTU/Hour

Now Divide 12,000 To 60, as a result of 60 Minute In one Hour Contain 12,000 Divide sixty up to 200 energy (BTU) unit that means one Ton Of Ac, Or one Ton Ice Absorb To 200 (BTU) energy unit In one Hour.

12000/60=200 BTU/Min

Looking At This, The Two Hundred Divide 60 Because 60 Seconds In 1 Minute, The Result Of Which Will Be 3.333 BTU Means That One Minute Air Conditioner Absorb Heat 3.333 BTU In 1 Second.

200/60=3.333 BTU/Sec

So, Friends, We Can See How The Formula Through Thru How To Know Hp From Btu And Btu From Hp

1 Tonne Is AC, So How Many HP It Is, And How Many Watts, And How Many Kilowatts, Are In This Topic I Will Clear You All These Things It Is Very Important To Know About Any Thing To Know An Ampere


BTU To HP Formula
1 Ton =12000 Btu
1*12000=12000 Btu
1 Btu= 0.0003924 Hp Value
ANS 4.7 HP 


HP To Watt Formula
P(W) = 746* P(Hp)
1 Hp = 746 Watt
4.7 Hp*746 =3506.2 


Watt To Kw Formula
P(kW) =P(W) /1000
3506/1000=3.506 KW
ANS 3.6 KW


Btu To Kw Formula
P(Kw) =12000 BTU Hr/3412.142=3.51
ANS 3.5 KW  

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