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Friends Have Seen Many Times And You May Have Seen Many Times That We Have Some Seniors Who Do Not Know The Measuring Tape, He Is Also Afraid To Touch The Measuring Tape, But After Watching This Video, The Fear Of The Measuring Tape Will Leave At All And You Will Know How To Use The Measuring Tape In Many Places Interviews Are Also Asked About The Major Tape So That The Candidate Is Knowledgeable About It. If You Come To Read The Major Tape, You Can Measure Length Width Thickness For Any Purpose.

People Know The Magnifying Tapes By Their Names According To Their Convenience. Like That मेजरिंग टेप, मेजर टेप, इंची टेप, फीता, मेजरमेंट टेप, But In The Industrial Language, We Call It A Mastering Tape

As you can see the big line below is INCH and 1 F means 1 FOOT and 1 FOOT has 12 INCH.

As you can see above, the distance between 1 and 2 is called 1 cm.

Now the small big line between these two is called millimeter i.e. MM.


1 METER contains 39.37 INCH

1 METER contains 3.28 FOOT (F)

1 METER contains 100 CENTIMETER (Cm)

1 METER contains 1000 MILLIMETER (Mm)

1 METER contains 1.09 YARD (Y)

1 METER contains 0.001 KILOMETER (Km)


1 INCH contains 25 MILLIMETER (Mm)

1 INCH contains 2.54 CENTIMETER (Cm)

12 INCH contains 1 FOOT (F)




1 FOOT contains 304.8 MILLIMETER (Mm)

1 FOOT contains 30.48 MILLIMETER (Mm)

1 FOOT contains 12 INCH

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