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Electrical & Electronic 
Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

A = Ampere

AAAC = All Aluminum Alloy Conductor

AAC = All Aluminum Conductor

AC = Alternating Current

ACB = Air Circuit Breaker

ACVS = Air Conditioning And Ventilation System

ACDB = Alternating Current Distribution Board

ACSR = Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced

AB Switch = Air Break Switch

ADC = Analog To Digital Converter

AFCI = Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

AH = Ampere Hour

AHU = Air Handling Unit

AIC = Ampere Interrupting Capacity

AL = Aluminum

ATS = Automatic Transfer Switch

AWG = American Wire Gauge

BSS = Belt Sway Switch

C = Capacitance

CKT = Circuit

CPT = Control Power Transformer

CPSS = Construction Power Substation

CT = Current Transformer

DAC = Digital To Analog Converter

DB = Distribution Board

Db = Decibel

DC = Direct Current

DO Fuse = Drop Out Fuse

DSS = Distribution Power Substation

DCDB = Direct Current Distribution Board

DOL = Direct ON-Line

DP = Double Pole

DPIC = Double Pole Iron Clad

EMLDB = Emergency Lighting Distribution Board

EMPR = Electronic Motor Protection Relay

EF = Exhaust Fan

ELCB = Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

F = Fuse

f = Farad

FBT = Flyback Transformer

FCMA  = Flux Compensated Magnetic Amplifier

FDA = Fire Detection And Alarm

FLA = Full Load Amperes

FMC = Flexible Metal Conduit

GDT = Gas Discharge Tube

GFCI = Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

GI Busbar = Galvanized Iron BusBar, For Earthing,

GIS = Gas Insulated Switchgear

GN = Ground

HT = High Tension (Transformer HT Side)

HRC = Fuse High Rupture Capacity Fuse

HZ = Hertz

I = Current

ICDB = iron Clad Distribution Board

ICSP = In-Circuit Serial Programming

IG = Isolated Ground

IMC = Intermediate Metal Conduit

ISMC = Indian Standard Medium Weight Channel

JB = Junction Box

KV = Kilo Volts

KVA = Kilo Volt Amperes

Kvar = Kilo Volt Amperes Reactive

KW= KiloWatt

KWH = Kilo Watt Hour

L = Inductance

LA = Lightning Arrester

LED = Light Emitting Diode

LDR = Light Dependent Resistor

LOPT = Line Output Transformer

LT = Low Tension

LCB = Local Control Board

LCS = Local Control Station

LVDT = Linear Variable Differential Transformer

MPDB = Main Power Distribution Board

MLDB = Main Lighting Distribution Board

MCC = Motor Control Centre

MCP = Motor Control Panel

MCCB = Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

MPCB = Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

MCB = Miniature Circuit Breaker

MCCP = Motor Control Center Panel

MCP = Motor Circuit Protection

MF = Multiplying Factor

MISO = Master Input Slave Output

MOSI = Master Output Slave Input

MOV = Metal oxide varistor

MS = Main Switch

MVA = Mega Volt Amperes

Mvar = Mega Volt Amperes Reactive

MW = Megawatt

NO = Normally Opened

NC = Normally Closed

NCT = Neutral Current Transformer

NL = Neutral Link

OLTC = On Load Tap Changer

P = Pole

PB = Push Button

PDB = Power Distribution Board

PCC = Power Control Centre

PLC = Programmable Logic Controller

PT = Potential Transformer

PCS = Pull Cord Switch

PCCP = Power Control Centre Panel

PT = Potential Transformer

PVC =  Poly Vinyl Chloride

Q = Charge

R = Resistance

RCCB = Residual Current Circuit Breaker

RDOL = Reverse Duty On-Line

RCC = Remote Control Cables

RCBO = Residual Current Circuit Breaker And OverCurrent Protection

RCD = Residual Current Device

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification

RMC = Rigid Metal Conduit

RMG = Ring Main Gear

RMU = Ring Main Unit

RNC = Rigid Non Metallic Conduit

SLDB = Secondary Lighting Distribution Board

S-F-6 Circuit Breaker = Sulphur-Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker

SMF Battery = Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery

SPNDB = Short Circuit Protection And Neutral Distribution Board

SCIM = Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

SB = Switch Board

SCK = Serial Clock

SCR = Silicon Controlled Rectifier

SFU = Switch Fuse Unit

SP = Single Pole

SPDT = Single Pole Double Throw

SPI = Serial Peripheral Interface

SPST = Single Pole Single Throw

SPT = Stranded Parallel Thermoplastic

STR = Statimax Trip Release

SW = Switch

SWG = Standard Wire Gauge

TEFC = Total Enclosed Fan Cooled

TESC = Totally Enclosed Surface Cooled

TB = Terminal Box

TPNDB = Three Phase Neutral Distribution Board

TTL= Transistor-Transistor Logic

TMCB = Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker

TPDT = Triple Pole Double Throw

TPIC = Triple Pole Iron Clad

TPS = Triple Pole Switch

TPST = Triple Pole Single Throw

TRS = Tough Rubber Sheathed

TVS-Diode = Transient Voltage Suppression Diode

UART = Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

UDS = Uniform Drawing System

UPS = Un-Interrupted Power Supply

UG = Under Ground

USART = Universal Synchronous-&-Asynchronous Receiver-&-Transmitter

USB = Universal Serial Bus

V = Volts

VCB = Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VVVF = Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

VSD = Variable Speed Drive

VA = Volt Ampere

Var = Volt Ampere Reactive

VIR = Vulcanized Indian Rubber

VT = Voltage Transformer

W = watt

XLPE = Cross-linked Polyethylene

ZSS = Zero Speed Switch

Daily Chat Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

OK = Oll Korrect. jokey misspelling of All Correct

AKA = Also Known As

BTW = By the Way

DIY = Do it Yourself

FAQ = Frequently asked Questions

WTF = What the Fuck

What the Hell & What the Heck

WFM = Works for Me

Laughing Out Loud-&-Laugh Out Loud

AMA = Ask Me Anything

A2A = Ask to Answer

DM = Direct Message

PM = Private Message

QA Session = Question Answer Session

ICYMI = In Case You Missed It

IMO-&-IMHO = In My Opinion-&-In My Humble Opinion,

TL & DR = Too Long & Didn’t Read

TIL = Today I Learned

P.S = Post Script

TY = Thank You

TQ = Thank You

AM = Anno Meridian

PM = Post Meridian

Corporate Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

PAN = Permanent Account Number.

NRI = Non-Resident Indian

CTC = Cost To Company

NEFT = National Electronic Funds Transfer

BPO = Business Process Outsourcing

SMS = Short Messaging Service

Ph.D. = Doctor of Philosophy

i.e = Id Est/That is to say,

HP = Hardware Parts

AMD = Advanced Micro Devices

ATA = Advanced Technology Attachment

ATX = Advanced Technology Extended

Computer Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

DCS = Distributed Control System

MPI = Multi-Point Interface

DP = Distributed Peripheral

SCADA = Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

HART = Highway Addressable Remote Transducer

HMI = Human Machine Interface

MMI = Man-Machine Interface

VDU = Visual Display Unit

RIO = Remote Input Output

TCP/IP = Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protocol

CFC = Continuous Function Chart

SFC = Sequential Function Chart

PID Control = Proportional-Integral & Derivative-Control,

RAM = Random Access Memory

ROM = Read-Only Memory

PROM = Programmable Read-Only Memory

EPROM = Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EEPROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

RTD = Resistance Temperature Detector

CD = Compact Disc

CD-ROM = Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory

CD-RW = Compact Disc-Rewritable

COMPUTER = Commonly-Operated-Machine-Particularly-Used-In-Technical-&-Educational-Research

CPU = Central Processing Unit

DVD = Digital Versatile Disc

DVD-ROM = Digital Video Disc-Random Access Memory

DVD-R = Digital Video Disc-Recordable

DVD-RW = Digital Video Disc-Rewritable

DDR = Double Data-Rate

DDR RAM = Double Data Rate-&-Random Access Memory

FDD = Floppy Disk Drive

HDD = Hard Disk Drive

HDMI = High Definition Media Interface

IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display

LED = Light Emitting Diode

RAM = Random Access Memory

ROM = Read-Only Memory

HDD = Hard Disk Drive

FDD = Floppy Disk Drive

PCI = Peripheral Component Interconnect

SSD = Solid State Disk

SMPS = Switch Mode Power Supply

USB = Universal Serial Bus

VGA = Video Graphics Array

VRAM = Video Random Access Memory

Networking Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

2G = The second generation of mobile phone standards-&-technology

3G = The third generation of mobile phone standards-&-technology

4G = 4th generation of mobile phone standards-&-technology

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

GPRS = General Packet Radio System

GSM = Global System For Mobile Communications

IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol

LAN = Local Area Network

IP = Internet Protocol

IPCONFIG = Internet Protocol Configuration

MAC = Media Access Control

MAN = Metropolitan Area Network

POP = Post Office Protocol

POP3 = Post Office Protocol 3

PPP = Point-To-Point Protocol

PPTP = Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

NetBIOS = Networked Basic Input Output System

NetBEUI = Networked-Basic-Input-Output-System-Extended-User-Interface

SMTP = Simple Mail Transport Protocol

VPN = Virtual Private Network

WAN = Wide Area Network

WAP = Wireless Application Protocol

WIFI = Wireless Fidelity

WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network

Inside Computer Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

API = Application Programming Interfaces

BIOS = Basic Input/Output System

CMOS = Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

DNS = Domain Name Service-&-Domain Name Server

DPI = Dots Per Inch

DVI = Digital Visual Interface

FAT = File Allocation Table

FAT12 = 12-Bit File Allocation Table

FAT16 = 16-Bit File Allocation Table

FAT32 = 32-Bit File Allocation Table

FPS = Frame Per Second

EMI = Electromagnetic Interference

GB = Gigabyte

Gbps = Gigabytes per second-&-Gigabits per second

GHz = Gigahertz

GUI = Graphical User Interface

I/O = Input & Output

Mbps = MegaBytes Per second

KBps = Kilo Bytes Per Second

KB = Kilobyte

MB = Megabyte

GB = Gigabyte

TB = Terabyte

4 Bits = 1 Nibble

8 Bits = 1 Byte

1024 Bytes = 1 KiloByte-KB

1024 KB = 1 MegaByte-MB

1024 MB = 1 GigaByte-GB 

1024 GB = 1 TeraByte-TB 

1024 TB = 1 PetaByte-PB

1024 PB = 1 ExaByte-EB 

1024 EB = 1 ZettaByte-ZB 

1024 ZB = 1 YottaByte-YB

MHz = Megahertz

MP3 = Moving Picture Expert Groups Layer -3-Audio

MPEG = Moving Picture Experts Group

MSCONFIG = Microsoft Configuration

NTFS = New Technology File System

NTLDR = New Technology Loader

OMR = Optical Mark Recognition

RGB = Red Green Blue



PC = Personal Computer

OS = Operating System

VDU = Visible Display Unit

XGA = Extended Graphics Array

ZIP = Zigzag Inline Package

Internet Related Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS = Hypertext Transfer Protocol-Over-Secure Sockets Layer

PHP = Hypertext Preprocessor

XML = Extensible Markup Language

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets

SASS = Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

JS = JavaScript

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

PERL = Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

UI = User Interface

UX = User Experience

ASP = Active Server Pages


SQL = Structured Query Language

NET = Internet

WP = WordPress

WWW = World Wide Web

Softwares Related Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

SAAS = Software as a service

Ps = Photoshop

Ai = Illustrator

Lr = Lightroom

Be = Behance

T = Typekit

Au = Adobe Audition

Br = Bridge

Co = Edge Code

Fw = Fireworks

Ic = InCopy

Mu = Adobe Muse

Bc = Business Catalyst

In = Edge Inspect

Fb = Flash Builder

Id = InDesign

Pl = Prelude

Pr = Premiere Pro

CC = Creative Cloud

Rf = Edge Reflow

Fl = Flash Professional

P = Prosite

Sc = Adobe Scout

Wf = Edge Web Fonts

Sg = SpeedGrade

Ae = After Effects

Dw = Dreamweaver

Bd = PhoneGap Build

St = Story Plus

W = Winword

X = Excel

O = Outlook

P = PowerPoint

N = OneNote

A = Access

Other Technologies Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

ATM = Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATM = Automatic Tellring Machine

IT = Information Technology

IEEE = Institute of Electrical-&-Electronics Engineers

ISO = International Standards Organization

POST = Power ON Self Test

Top Brands Full Forms Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

GOOGLE = Google is not an abbreviation.

YAHOO = Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

INTEL = Integrated Electronics

LG = Life’s Good

IBM = International Business Machines Corporation

HP = Hewlett-Packard

IBM = International Business Machines

AUDI = Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt

BMW = Bavarian Motor Works

AMW = Asian Motor Works

CNN = Cable News Network

IBN = Indian Broadcasting Network

WIPRO = Western Indian Products

MRF = Madras Rubber Factory

TVS = T.V Sundaram(Co-Founder)

BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation

AMUL = Anand Milk Union Limited

ICICI = Industrial Credit-&-Investment Corporation of India

ESPN = Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken

TED = Technology, Entertainment, and Design

IMDB = The Internet Movie Database

ISD = International Subscriber Dialing

Adidas = Adolf ‘ Adi’ Dassler

DELL = Digitle Electronic Link Library

ACER = Acquisition Collaboration experimentation Reflection

ONGC = Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

Domain Name Extensions Abbreviations Short Form To Full Form

.com = Commercial Internet Sites

.net = Internet Administrative Site

.org = Organization Site

.edu = Education Sites

.firm = Business Site

.gov = Government Site

.int = International Institutions

.mil = Military Site

.mobi = Mobile Phone Site

.int = International Organizations

.io = Indian Ocean-(British Indian, Ocean Territory)

.mil = U.S. Military

.gov = Government

.store = A Retail Business

.web = World-Wide-Web

.in = India

.au = Australia

.ae = Arab Emirates

.sa = Saudi Arabia

.us = United States

.uk = United Kingdom

.kh = Cambodia

.th = Thailand

.cn = China

.vn = Vietnam

.jp = Japan

.sg = Singapore

.nz = New Zealand

.my = Malaysia


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